Longline Round (LLR)

Longline Round (LLR) heating cables are high performance Series Resistance heaters for long pipelines where temperature maintenance or freeze protection is needed. They are used where circuit lengths exceed the capabilities of parallel resistance self-regulating or constant power heaters in order to minimise the number of electrical supply points. Circuit lengths of multi-kilometre are possible from a single supply point.

Longline Round (LLR) provides constant power per unit length without voltage drop along the length. Hence round heating cable may be provided for single or 3phase connection.

The continuous metal jacket allows for increased mechanical strength, reducing the risk of damage and providing superior fire-resisting properties compared with most heating cables.

Accreditation & certifications - FailSafe Super (FSS)

Example of Applications

  • Freeze protection of long pipelines
  • Temperature maintenance of long pipelines


  • Circuit lengths up to 60km
  • Suitable for single or 3 phase applications
  • Metal jacket for increased mechanical strength and fire resistance
  • Product Specification - maximum withstand temperature 230°C (446°F)
    Longline R (LLR) is available in 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 W/m outputs.

    Maximum Withstand Temperature

    ( Power off )

    230°C (446°F)

    Minimum Installation Temperature

    -40°C (-40°F)

    Minimum Operating Temperature

    -60°C  (-76°F)

    Rated Voltage

    up to 1500V single phase
    2500V 3-Phase

    Cable Dimensions

    see data sheet

    Minimum Bending Radius

    see data sheet

    Maximum Workpiece Temperatures (°C)

    Heater Nominal Output (W/m)


    10 HTS1FAR-A 3.1


    10 HTS1FAR-A 7.1


    10 HTS1FAR-A 12.6


    10 HTS1FAR-A 19.6


    10 HTS1FAR-A 28.3


    Surface temperature limits in acordance with EN50014

Product Instructions