Mineral Insulated Cable (MCN)

The MCN range of cupronickel sheathed Mineral Insulated (MI) heating cable has been developed to meet the specific need for a cable having a high temperature capability and electrical resistance values needed for long circuit lengths. To meet the requirement, Heat Trace has combined a cupronickel sheath with heating conductors to enable an operating temperature of 400ºC with resistance values from 4Ω/km up to 28000Ω/km per conductor. MI cables have excellent mechanical strength and are resistant to corrosion. They are series resistance heaters which must be designed to provide the required heat output.

Example of Applications

  • Freeze protection of high exposure pipelines (e.g. steam manifolds)
  • Temperature maintenance of pipelines


  • Circuit lengths up to 5-6km
  • Suitable for single or 3 phase applications
  • Metal jacket for increased mechanical strength and fire resistance