DESTU Termination

The DESTU is a direct entry sealed termination unit for use with the majority of the Heat Trace range of self-regulating and constant wattage heating cables. It has been designed specifically to reduce the risk of damage to heating cables at termination points, thus avoiding the need to expose the heating cable as it emerges from the thermal insulation for connection into the junction box.

The DESTU may be used for power termination, in-line splice and tee splice terminations, and when the RTD version of the unit is ordered, is also suitable as a means of temperature sensing at various point along the pipework length.

The DESTU unit is approved for use in non-hazardous, and hazardous locations to EN EuroNorms.

DESTU Termination

DESTU Termination

DESTU T Connection for Third Heater

DESTU T Connection for Third Heater


DESTU DRTD (PT100 Sensor)

  • Approvals & Certifications

    DESTU 02ATEX3081U

    JB9000 03ATEX3398

    PGS 13ATEX024X

    FSM, FSLe, FSr, FSP, FSS, AHT, MTF, EMTF, HTS1,2 & 3F 3009080

    JB9000 3039985

    AHT, DESTU 1350782

    AHT DESTU 1352981

    Cables, DESTU 1547590

    Cables, DESTU & SF 1295278


    EU DoC JB9000 Junction Box

    EU DoC PGS1,PGS3, PGS5

    PGS 13.0007X

    Self Reg Cable MIO62 B 06041

    JB9000 MЮ62 B 06045

    JB9000, CNEx19 1556


    JB9000 Chinese version

Product and Application Datasheets

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