Temperature Control & Monitoring

Heat Trace supply a range of stand alone and panel-mounted, mechanical and electronic temperature control and monitoring systems, for both safe and hazardous use:

  • Capillary thermostats
  • Electronic thermostats
AT-A Thermostat

AT-A Air Sensing Thermostat:

The AT-A is a simple air sensing ON/OFF capillary thermostat,with an adjustable range of 0-40ºC.

CT & CT-FL Capillary Thermostats:

The CAPSTAT adjustable, ON-OFF capillary thermostats, are available with 3 different output ranges: - 0-40ºC, 20-110º and 20-300ºC. This robust selection of mechanical thermostats include the CT range, for use in SAFE AREAS and the CT-FL range that carry full HAZARDOUS AREA certification. (see certificates below)

CT Thermostat

CT Thermostat

CT-FL Thermostat

CT-FL Thermostat

  • Approvals & Certifications

    CT-FL, AJB/D 19ATEX1461

    CT-FL, AJB/D 17.0113

    EU DoC CT-FL, AJB, D

    EU DoC CT Thermostat

    EU DoC AT-A Thermostat


    CT-FL Chinese Version

Product and Application Datasheets

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  • CT-FL Datasheet.pdf pdf
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  • AT-A Datasheet.pdf pdf
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