Termination Methods

Standard Termination

Standard Termination involves the use of conventional plastic or metal cable glands. These glands are specifically made for our heating cables. Cable Glands are normally supplied in termination kits. The kits are available for safe and hazardous areas and contain all the parts required for connection to the power and to terminate the end of the cable. Kits also contain a caution label and cable identification tag.


DESTU Termination

The DESTU system, for safe and hazardous areas, reduces the risk of damage to the heating cable as it emerges from the thermal insulation for connection into the junction box. DESTU is available for power termination, in-line splice and tee splice terminations.



The AJB/D Junction Box is designed for use with electric trace heating systems and is available for use in both safe and hazardous areas. IP66 rated, with a full range of accessories and termination kits available.