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Keeping you on track - Introduction

From the start of the company in 1974, Heat Trace Limited has been at the forefront of the electric heat tracing industry. Significant annual investment into Research & Development has resulted in a unique and innovative range of surface heating products and systems - a number of which have been specifically developed to meet the needs of rail networks around the world.

Heat Trace’s product portfolio for the Transportation Industry includes a range of safe, reliable and energy efficient solutions for a variety of "winter protection" applications for rail network infrastructure, rolling stock and properties.

Severe winter weather can cause extensive disruption to rail networks and transport systems, resulting in delayed or cancelled journeys that affect businesses and individuals alike.


All Heat Trace Limited cables and associated components are designed and manufactured in accordance with the latest international standard:

IEC 62395 - (Parts 1 & 2) Electrical resistance trace heating systems for industrial and commercial applications.

In addition, heating systems used on rail networks carry Network Rail UK Acceptance Certification.



Points System leared
brown tram

Heat Trace Limited provide a range of safe, reliable and energy efficient solutions, offering "winter protection" in a number of different transportation sectors, including:

  • Main Rail Networks
  • Light Rapid Transit Systems
  • Tramways
  • Monorails

Within these sectors heating applications can be found for:

Monorail tram
Milan Point Heating System


Switches & turnouts

3rd rails

Monorail tracks

Tunnel ice prevention

Rolling Stock:

Water supplies freeze protection

Sanitary system freeze protection

Diesel fuel lines temperature maintenance

Door & threshold ice prevention


Snow & ice prevention systems for:

  • Paths & stairways
  • Car park access/exit ramps
  • Disabled access ramps
  • Platforms
  • Roof & gutter systems

For further information and to view our full range of rail applications please take a look at our brochures below or Contact Us

View the Heat Trace Cable Range Max Exposure Temperature & Output Capability Graph:

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