The Problem

In cold climates, agricultural equpment and infrastructure can be damaged by freezing. Frost can damage crops and plants by causing ice crystals to form, causing tissue damage.

Heat tracing can be used to protect plants, animals and equipment from extreme temperatures, frost and freezing.

Pipes and tanks used for drinking water, irrigation, fertilisation and other purposes can freeze and burst in cold temperatures causing significant damage and downtime. Heat tracing can be installed on these pipes and tanks to prevent freezing and ensure equipment continues to operate correctly.

Other uses for heat tracing in agriculture are; use in fields to maintain a consistent temperature around plants and heating animal enclosures to maintain a consistent temperature to improve animal health and productivity.


The Solution

FLVw-dual black

Freezstop Low Voltage Wide (FLVw) is a light industrial or commercial grade self-regulating heating cable which can be used for freeze protection or temperature maintenance of pipework and vessels in Agriculture.

Since these cables are low voltage (i.e. 12 and 24V), there is no chance of electrocution to livestock, should a cable get damaged and come into contact.

This heating cable can be cut-to-length at site and exact plumbing lengths can be match without any complicated design considerations. Its self-regulating characteristics improve safety and reliability. FLVw will not overheat or burnout, even when overlapped upon itself. Its power output is self-regulated in response to the pipe temperature.

The installation of FLVw is quick and simple and requires no special skills or tools. Termination, splicing and power connection components are all provided in convenient kits. 

View the Heat Trace Cable Range Max Exposure Temperature & Output Capability Graph:

Product and Application Datasheets

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