Research & Development

Heat Trace has been in business since 1974, and we are the only UK company that manufactures self-regulating electrical heat tracing cables and systems. 90% of our products are exported.

Major investments in Research and Development have enabled us to become the global technical leader in our field. Heat Trace core technolgy is the development of electrical heating products based on semi-conductive polymers. Heat Trace‘s strategy is to maintain and extend this technological lead by the following five step approach.

  • Heat Trace invests 15% of turnover in R&D.
  • Heat Trace works with leading UK universities and research organisations so that new technology can be quickly transferred into the development of advanced new products.
  • Heat Trace utilises UK and European grants for research, product development and personnel training. Heat Trace has been awarded six major grants in the last five years.
  • Heat Trace’s objective is to launch 4 new products every year. A selection of our products can be found on our Products page.
  • Heat Trace protects its technology with an extensive patent portfolio. The company has been granted 11 patents, and has another 12 patent applications filed in the major global market regions. The patents granted are as listed in the following table.


Patent Title

Patents Granted


Surface Heating Equipment

US Patent US 4,121,093


Resistance Monitoring Circuit

Great Britain Patent BG 2080643


Heat Sensitive Circuit Interrupter

European Patent 0095315 B1


Control of Electrical Heating Apparatus

Great Britain Patent GB 2156098


Electrical Heater

US Patent: US 4,721,848


Electrical Heater

Korean Patent KR-94006521


AHT High Temperature Heating Cable

European Patent EP-01308865.3

US Patent: US-10/ 010328

Canadian Patent CN-2359293


Electrical Heating Cable

European Patent EP-03765165.0


Heated Conduit

European Patent EP-03792458.6

US Patent US -10/525106


Self Regulating Electrical Heating Cable

Russian Patent. RU-2006113117


Heated Fluid Line

German UM DE-202005004602.7