Mineral Insulated (MI) Cables

Mineral Insulated Cable is known as the most durable electric heat trace cable that are available. It is the ideal choice when an application’s temperature and power output requirements exceed the capabilities of our range of self-regulating and constant wattage cables.

MI heating cable can be used for applications with the following requirements:

  • Single and dual core series heating resistance cable, magnesium oxide insulated
  • The length and resistance of the cores determine the output of the cable
  • Constant power output not affected by temperature variations
  • Maximum working voltage up to 600 V - Please contact Heat Trace for higher voltage applications.
  • Output power up to 300 W/m
  • Highest maintain temperature up to 800 °C
  • Maximum exposure temperature up to 800 °C

Example of Applications

  • Freeze protection of steam tubes/pipes with exposure > 500 °C
  • High process temperature maintenance > 350 °C
  • Fast raise and maintain applications


  • Various metal sheath options (e.g. stainless steel, copper, etc.)
  • Very high durability to fire damage
  • High impact strength
  • High outputs upto 300 W/m

View the Heat Trace Cable Range Max Exposure Temperature & Output Capability Graph:

  • Mineral Insulated Heater Datasheets

Product examples