Electric Heat Tracing

Heat Trace began over 40 years ago on a foundation of innovation. We have remained an innovative company throughout our history, developing a stream of unique products and processes, aimed at improvements to safety, efficiency, performance and system longevity. Our strategy is to maintain and extend this technological lead, through significant internal investment, UK and European grant funding, and strategic partnerships with other companies and organisations, with whom we share common goals and complimentary capabilities.

Some of the major outcomes of our innovative approach are:

  • Inherent Temperature Safety of HTL self-regulating products
  • Highest Power Output self-regulating cables
  • Highest Thermal Withstand self-regulating cables
  • 3-phase self-regulating heaters
  • Integrated conductors for increased cable robustness and longevity
  • Widest voltage range, from low voltages suitable for automotive, or solar-powered applications, to very high voltages for long pipelines
  • Stabilised designs with self-regulating cables to allow accurate temperature maintenance of sulphur, bitumen etc. with minimal controls
  • Aluminium jackets, especially for mechanical protection and heat dissipating properties
  • AHT- still a peerless product, the only real cut-to-length alternative to M.I cables
  • LONGLINE R - for intermediate circuit lengths between parallel resistance, self-regulating or constant power, heating cable and traditional series resistance LONGLINE heating cables
  • New materials employed - increasing suitability for high strength, temperature withstand, dielectric strength, partial discharge resistance, etc.
  • We control the complete processs from polymer, to conductive compound, to core, to cable
  • 3D CAD, 3D printing and FEA calculations allow rapid prototyping and screening
  • Extensive in-house testing facilities and expertise for new and existing products
  • Very strong patent portfolio, with patents granted in over 20 areas of heat tracing