Transportation Applications

Heat Trace’s Transportation Division specialises in heating systems for all modes of transport.

The range of track and points heating systems is designed to meet the exacting standards required in the transportation industry. Whether the requirement is for high power, constant wattage output heaters, or for high power self-regulating heaters, you may be sure that the Heat Trace range of products has the reliability and durability required for all heating applications. We provide systems for switch points, swing nose crossings, live contact rails, monorail systems, urban transit systems and tramways.

Heat Trace provide complete systems including heaters, ancillary equipment and all necessary control and weather monitoring systems, together with remote data access, control, and monitoring capabilities.

Additional products have also been developed for door threshold heaters, pantograph shoe heating, snow and ice prevention systems for platforms, walkways, access ramps, station canopies, etc., under floor heating for offices and waiting rooms, together with freeze protection systems for rolling stock water and fuel supplies

Product and Application Datasheets

  • CRH Datasheet.pdf pdf
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  • RHT Datasheet.pdf pdf
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  • Rail Heating Guide.pdf pdf
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