Heat Tracer (RHT)

Rail heater type RHT is a parallel resistance, constant power output cable for use on main rail switch point systems, electrified 3rd rails, monorails
and tramway systems.

RHT is a cut-to-length cable designed to maintain snow and ice free systems to ensure track operational integrity in winter conditions. Simple and quick installation ensures minimum track possession time.

When used for point heating systems RHT is intended to be pre-terminated in 3m; 4m; 5m & 6m heated lengths to suit the turnout dimensions. It is suitable for direct replacement of existing strip heaters on the stock rails and switch rails.

The cable is designed to utilise rail industry standard and approved heater retaining clips. Thermally insulated capping is also available if required.

Example of Applications

Freeze protection of:
  • Rails
  • Switch points
  • Tramways
  • Monorails


  • Can be cut-to-length to suit switch size
  • Heated lengths up to 6 meters for turnouts
  • Power outputs up to 220W/m
  • Full range of controls & accessories available
  • Available for 115 & 230VAC (nom)
  • Voltages to 1000V AC or DC for 3rd rails


Heat Trace supply a complete range of rail heater accessories: termination components, c/w remote end seal and sealant; EPR cold lead to heater
power connection kit; EPR 2 core cold lead cable; thermally insulated capping; heater retaining clips; termination, installation and testing instructions.
These items are recommended for the correct usage and operation of RHT heaters.

  • Product Specification - maximum withstand temperature 350°C (644°F)

    Maximum Exposure Temperature Continuous

    350°C (644°F)

    Maximum Exposure Temperature Intermittant

    425°C (797°F)

    Minimum Installation Temperature

    -65°C  (-85°F)

    Power Supply

    230 or 115 VAC (nominal)

    Dimensions (mm +/-0.5)

    10.0 x 7.0

    Minimum Bending Radius

    RHT - 25mm

    Weight kg/100m

    RHT - 16.5 kg

    Cable Gland Thread Size

    RHT - M20

    Maximum Circuit Length (m)


    Max. Circuit Length*

    Zone Length (nom)









    Zone lengths can vary.

    Contact Heat Trace

    for more information.







    *For 10% end-to-end power output variation

    Power Conversion Factors

    115V Heating Cable

    230V Heating Cable

    277V multiply output by 5.80

    277V multiply output by 1.45

    230V multiply output by 4.00

    240V multiply output by 1.09

    208V multiply output by 3.27

    220V multiply output by 0.91

    120V multiply output by 1.09

    208V multiply output by 0.82

    110V multiply output by 0.91

    115V multiply output by 0.25