Longline Heating Cables

For very long pipelines, the use of parallel heating technology becomes very costly due to the very large electrical distribution system that would be required.

However, an advantage is that long circuit lengths are possible using our Longline range of heater cables. Typically 3-phase Longline heating cables require electric supply points only at multi-kilometre intervals. Due to this, the number of power points required is dramatically reduced and can offer signifcant CAPEX savings.

We can produce series resistance heating cables within the following ranges:

  • Up to 6600 Volts 3 phase
  • Up to 230°C (446°F) withstand temperature
  • Up to 50 W/m of output
Longline Cables

Example of Applications

  • Freeze protection of long pipelines
  • 3 Phase heating systems
  • Above ground or underground pipelines


  • Circuit lengths up to 50 kilometres
  • Constant power along unit length
  • Easy installation in convienient lengths

View the Heat Trace Cable Range Max Exposure Temperature & Output Capability Graph:

  • Longline Heating Cables

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