Longline Heating Cables

Series Resistance heating cables have to be individually designed into particular length and load configurations and so are not as versatile as parallel cables.

However, an advantage is that long circuit lengths are possible. Typically 3-phase Longline heating cables require electric supply points only at multi-kilometre intervals. So the major use for series heaters is long pipelines.

We can produce series resistance heating cables within the following ranges:

  • Up to 1000 Volts 3 phase
  • Up to 230°C (446°F) withstand temperature
  • Up to 50 W/m of output

Example of Applications

  • Freeze protection of long pipelines
  • 3 Phase heating systems
  • Above ground or underground pipelines


  • Circuit lengths of multi-kilometres
  • Constant power along unit length
  • Easy installation in convienient lengths
  • Longline Heating Cables

Product examples