Longline (HTP3F)

Longline (HTP3F) is a series resistance, three phase constant power heating cable used for freeze protection or process temperature maintenance of moderately long pipelines up to 2km. A typical application is the freeze protection of above ground water pipelines.

Longline (HTP3F) minimises the number of electrical supplies needed and so minimises supply cabling and distribution equipment costs. Circuits are often fed at the pipe ends only.

Heating conductors are sized to produce the desired heat output for the circuit length required. The Longline (HTP3F) heating cables are connected directly to the 3 phase mains voltage or to a step-up transformer.

The large heated surface of Longline (HTP3F)'s flat foil construction results in lower operating temperatures than equivalent round conductor constructions thereby improving safety and system life. The high efficiency produces high power capability up to 23W/m for each cable.

Longline (HTP3F)

Example of Applications

  • Long pipelines
  • Buried pipelines
  • 3-Phase heating systems


  • Circuit lengths up to 2km
  • Single supply point, minimises supply cabling costs
  • Available up to 600VAC

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