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Innovation - A Brief History

Company > Innovation - A Brief History
Heat Trace has remained an innovative company throughout its history, developing a stream of unique products and processes, aimed at improvements to safety, efficiency, performance and system life of heat tracing. In doing so HTL has become the Technical Leader in Heat Tracing Technology.
1974  Heat Trace is founded by Neil Malone
Heat Trace celebrates its 40th Anniversary in May 2014 and remains under the same ownership as from day one, retaining the same philosophy ……… inspiring   safety, efficiency, performance and system life.
Heat Trace produce the world’s first cut-to-length parallel tracer
Heat Trace’s patented Heat Tracer cable was introduced into the market as the first cut-to-length tracer in 1978. The Heat Tracer remains to this day the most thermally efficient parallel resistance heating cable.
1982 Heat Trace introduce ‘Longline’, a series tracer for long pipelines
‘Longline’ is launched for buried pipelines in New Zealand. Almost 3 decades later, after millions of metres, Heat Trace has never experienced a product failure. ‘Longline’, now re-invented, is the lowest cost solution for long pipeline tracing.
Heat Trace develops self-regulating controllers
Heat Trace patented PowerMatch in 1986, to convert constant power heaters into self-regulating. The PowerMatch’s air sensing principle remains as the heart of PowerMatch Micro+, launched in 2009, 25 years on, suitable for all generic heater types.
1998 Heat Trace Limited launched the world’s highest temperature parallel resistance cut-to-length constant power heating cable
Heat Trace’s patented AHT mineral insulated metal-sheathed heater that can withstand 425°C continuously and has power outputs to 200W/m. Over a decade later it still remains the world’s highest temperature parallel resistance constant power heat tracer.
2000 Heat Trace become the first UK manufacturer of Self-regulating heating cables
After partnering for a number of years with LG Cable, Korea, Heat Trace switches the manufacture of semi-conductive self-regulating heating cables to the United Kingdom.
2003 Heat Trace Limited introduces the world’s highest temperature self-regulating heat tracer
Heat Trace’s FSU Freezstop Ultimo has a continuous withstand temperature of 250°C un-energised, may be continuously energised at 200°C and has outputs up to 90W/m – and this remains to this day a higher capability than any other competitor worldwide.
2004 Heat Trace can resurrect failed self-regulating tracers (usually those of competitors!)
Heat Trace patents a method of resurrecting failed self-regulating cables in-situ, with access only required at the cable ends.
Heat Trace makes series resistance self-regulating heat tracers
Heat Trace patents series resistance self-regulating heating cables for various applications. Watch this space for future new products, such as LadderMat
2007 Self-Regulating heaters without high in-rush currents

Heat Trace patent Soft-Start DiscTM, a negative temperature coefficient (NTC) device, which reduces in-rush current of self-regulating heaters on start-up to levels by up to 60%, thereby improving safety by enabling type B circuit breakers to be used.   Soft-Start DiscTM increases product life by up to 300%, improving energy efficiency, and reducing power cable and switchgear sizes.

2010 Worlds first 300 degrees C self-regulating tracer
Heat Trace launch AFS FailSafe, breaking the temperature withstand record held by Heat Trace’s own FailSafe Ultimo. AFS FailSafe withstands 300°C energised / unenergised. The patented continuously extruded aluminium jacket and mineral insulation permits temperatures beyond the limits of polymeric materials.  Heat Trace's whole range of self-regulating heating cables are inherently temperature-safe.
2010 Heat Trace invests in unique continuous metal extrusion faciltity
Heat Trace is now able to produce its own metal heating conductors and provide its whole range of cables with a metal overjacket for a high degree of mechanical protection.
2011 World's first sub-sea electrically heat traced, reeled Pipe-In-Pipe System

24Km of Longline heating cables heat a gas condensate pipeline in the North Sea Islay gas field.

2012 Heat Trace continues to spend 10-15% of its revenue on Research & Development

Heat Trace Limited has a higher R & D spend than its competitors. It currently has over 20 Patent applications under review.

2014 Heat Trace celebrates 40 Years in Business

Heat Trace celebrates its 40th year in business by winning the Queens award for Enterprise!

Heat Trace continues  ……………..



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