Plastic Gland PGS5


is a hazardous area approved cable gland with a flat seal for use with flat profile heating cables. Cable glands can be used for entering cabinet boxes or enclosures.

PGS5 has an M25 x 1.5 thread and the seal is made from chloroprene.

PGS5 is designed specifically for the Heat Trace range of heating cables and is part of a standard termination system. There are 3 plastic cable gland sizes and each gland is specific to a range of cable sizes. See below:

Heating Cables applicable to PGS5

Freezstop Extra wide FSEw-C, FSEw-CT and FSEw-CF
FailSafe Ultimo wide FSUw-N and FSUw-NF
Snowmelt SM-B

Constant Wattage:
Microtracer EMTS-CS