Power Limiting Heating Cable (PL-AHT)

Available from Q2/3 2023

Electrical heating cable for process temperature maintenance of pipework and vessels in safe or hazardous areas

  • Can be cut-to-length.
  • Available for 110-120VAC and 220-240VAC.
  • Power outputs up to 80W/m.
  • Intermitant withstand temperature 500ºC
  • Reduced start-up current.
  • Suitable for use in safe, hazardous and corrosive areas.
  • Continuous aluminium outer-jacket.
  • 1m pitch standard heating zone.
  • Full range of controls and accessories available.


  • POWERHEAT Type PL-AHT is a power limiting heating cable that can be used for freeze protection or temperature maintenance of process temperatures in pipework and vessels.
  • It can be cut-to-length at site and can replace mineral insulated (MI) cables for applications where the cut-to-length feature, or field fabricated heating cable is preferred.
  • PL-AHT will be approved for use in non-hazardous and hazardous areas to world wide standards.

  • The power output of PL-AHT reduces with increasing temperature due to the PTC effect of the heating resistor. This results in a lower startup current when compared with AHT/CW constant power cables.
  • The installation of PL-AHT heating cable is quick and simple, and requires few special skills or tools. Termination and power connection components are all provided in convenient kits.
  • PL-AHT is jacketed in a continuous aluminum extrusion for maximum mechanical strength.
  • Product Specification

    Maximum Exposure Temperature

    500°C (932°F)

    Minimum Installation Temperature

    -40°C (-40°F)

    Minimum Operating Temperature

    -65°C (-85°F)

    Power Supply

    12-277 VAC

    Cable Dimensions

    PL-AHT 10.7 x 7.7mm +/- 0.5mm

    IP Rating


    Minimum Bending Radius

    PL-AHT - 25mm

    Weight kg/100m

    PL-AHT 16.5 kg

    Cable Gland Thread Size


Subject to change