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Heat Trace - Making Diesel Power Greener

Recent and upcoming European (Euro VI) and US (NAAQS) emissions standards for vehicles have increasingly strict controls on emissions of NOx gases from their exhausts. These gases are a significant contributor to pollution, including smog and acid rain, and are linked to causation and worsening of respiratory diseases.

A system has been developed which injects a chemical called urea into the exhaust system of the engine, and converts this harmful NOx into harmless nitrogen and water. This system is variously marketed as ‘AdBlue’, ‘Bluemotion’, ‘BlueTec’ etc.

This urea is stored in a tank in the vehicle, and is pumped through hoses to the injectors. It is however, quite sensitive to temperature. It freezes at -11°C, and degrades above +60°C.

Heat Trace is working closely with suppliers to major car, van and truck manufacturers to ensure that the hoses are rapidly defrosted when a vehicle is started at cold temperatures. Our patented technology means we can manufacture a tube which is completely surrounded by the heating element. This allows the fastest possible defrosting, and the highest performing system.

As the ‘heated tube’ heating element is made from our Inherently Temperature-Safe, selfregulating materials, it prevents overheating and degradation of the urea, and also has the advantages of increased safety and energy efficiency.