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As you would expect from a high calibre company, Heat Trace is able to fulfil the expectations of clients who wish to entrust the widest possible range of services to a single contractor, who is able to manage all aspects of a heat tracing project.  A complete range of Design & Engineering Services is available - ensuring that all requirements of the client are satisfied.

Power, Control & Data Cabling
Power and distribution cabling, control and data cabling can all be provided as part of a complete package if required by the client.

Heated Instrument Enclosures / Tube Bundles
Heated instrument enclosures, heated manifolds, heated and unheated tube bundles for sampling, instrument lines and special applications. Tube bundles may be heated electrically or with steam.

Carbon steel, stainless steel, HDPE and flexible pipes and hoses, pipeline products (incl. coatings and paint), plastic pipe systems for water fluids and sewage.

Thermal Insulation
Heat Trace can arrange for thermal insulation to be supplied as part of the overall heat tracing package. Pre-insulated pipelines can also be provided when required.

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