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StripFree Termination

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Product Features

      ATEX - European Hazardous Area Approval
System Description
StripFree Connection Unit
The StripFree range of connectors is a universal power termination and splicing system for use with Heat Trace's self-regulating heating cables.  No special tools are needed to perform a neat, convenient and simple termination.

Installation comprises simply cutting to length the heater and removal of the outer sheath (if applicable). The heating cable is inserted into the StripFree unit and the connection is made by screwing down the cutting blades onto the buswires, whilst automatically clamping the braid. All of this is achieved without the need to strip away the semi-conductive heating matrix.

The StripFree range of components provide :


SF-P Unit Power Connection

SF-T Unit T-Splice Connection

SF-E Unit End Seal

  • Power Connection (SF-P)
  • In-line Splice Connection (SF-T)
  • Tee Splice Connection (SF-T)
  • End Seal (SF-E)
Benefits of using StripFree
  • Ease of Installation
    No special tools. No need to strip cables for connection
  • Reliability
    StripFree has been rigorously tested for connection performance and long term reliability.
  • Water Resistant
    Completed connectors are water and dust resistant to IP66, and the cable seals provide strain relief.
  • High Integrity
    The StripFree connector body has high impact resistance, is U.V. resistant and has excellent insulating properties resulting in a high integrity connector system.
  • Watertight End Seal
    StripFree end seal is applied simply by pushing on to the cable end. No need for adhesives, gels or heat shrink.
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Installation Example

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Cables that use StripFree


Approvals and Certification
SF-E 19ATEX3391U
Cables, DESTU & SF 1295278
SF-E CML 19.0134U
EU DoC StripFree Power, T Splice TK
EU DoC StripFree End Seal TK
JB9000 MЮ62 B 06045
SF, CNEx19 1560U
SF-E Chinese version
Product and Application Datasheets
StripFree Datasheet
StripFree SF-P and SF-T Instructions
StripFree SF-E Instructions

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