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AHT World’s highest temperature cut-to-length Heat Tracer

Heat Trace’s patented PowerHeat (AHT), a parallel resistance mineral insulated, metal sheathed tracer, is able to replace old technology series resistance mineral insulated heaters, which must be individually designed and manufactured for a particular installation. AHT can be cut to any length from 1 metre upwards, and easily terminated at site. Withstand temperature is 425 deg.C and power outputs up to 150W/m.

FSU World’s highest temperature Self-Regulating Heat Tracer

Heat Trace’s Freezstop Ultimo (FSU) self-regulating tracer can withstand 250deg.C un-energised and 200 deg.C switched on. This compares with a high of 120 and 149 deg.C respectively from Tyco and Thermon! Freezstop Ultimo (FSU) is available with power outputs of 15-90W/m, i.e. 50% higher output than anything else out there!

Freezstop Ultimo (FSU) is inherently temperature-safe.  i.e. it is incapable of overheating itself.

SSD Soft-Start Device improves Life, Safety, Efficiency of Heat Tracing (and at lower cost!)

Heat Trace have developed SSD, a low cost patented device that reduces in-rush currents on start up of self-regulating heating cables by up to 60%. The effect is to extend heater life by up to 300%, increase safety by enabling the use of Type B circuit breakers, reduce energy wastage at start up, whilst reducing the system cost by reducing power cable and switchgear sizing.

PMM+ PowerMatch Micro+ saves energy and reduces system costs

PowerMatching, a concept patented by Heat Trace over 20 years ago, remains the most energy efficient control for heat tracing. PMM+ monitors changes in air temperature (and hence heat losses) and then automatically adjusts the energy delivered to match the losses. Fewer controllers are needed, and system costs are reduced. A second optional surface sensor can provide high/low temperature alarm functions.

AFS – World’s first 300 deg.C self-regulating Heating cable

Another first! Now Heat Trace have launched AFS FailSafe, the world’s first 300 deg. C self-regulating tracer. The heater is mineral insulated, with a patented metal sheath. The cable is rated 250 deg. C energized, or 300 deg. C un-energized, and is available with outputs to 150W/m at 10 deg. C. Now virtually all trace applications, including bitumen, can be met by inherently temperature-safe, self-regulating heating cables.

RFS – Metal sheathed, self-regulating switch points heater

Heat Trace’s new RFS heater can be cut-to-length, cannot overheat or burnout, and, being self-regulating, is energy efficient. Its aluminium sheath is mechanically robust, yet can be flexed around obstacles, or alternatively sections may be easily spiced together. No self-regulating tracer has ever been available with such a high heating load of 150W/m at 0 deg. C.

HeatSafe – Self-Regulating tracers for Commercial and Residential heating applications

The low cost HeatSafe range of self-regulating tracers are being launched for residential applications such as freeze protection of pipes, snow melting of roofs, gutters, drains, paths, drives, etc., hot water pipe temperature maintenance, soil heating, heating of ponds, and many others. Versions are available with outputs of 10,20,30, and 40W/m and for 110 or 220V supplies. Cables are double insulated, or have an aluminium earth shield between the sheaths. 

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