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Heat Trace showcased in Parliamentary Review

Heat Trace invited to submit article for Parliamentary Review

Each year the Westminster Press publishes a report reviewing the performance of the previous 12 months. The review covers the performance of the government, a report on the political parties, comments on changes of Law, the role of the monarchy, and of course the economy, and, in that, it’s reference to business.

Over the past couple of years the UK economy has performed quite well, at least in comparison with the EU in general.The government has chosen a small handful of companies that it considers demonstrate ‘Best Practice’, the UK’s flagbearers who have most contributed to the strong economic performance. We're happy to announce that this year Heat Trace has been chosen as one of those companies, something of which, for a small company, we feel quite proud!

Being cited this way, Neil Malone was asked to contribute to the Parliamentary Report by writing a 3000 word piece describing our business, it’s innovation based culture, and our recognition of our people as being our number 1 asset.

Parliamentary Review - Heat Trace article

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Parliamentary Review - full article

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