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Interactive design guides are a new idea and are here for you to look at and to offer comment.  The design guide is a PDF that can be downloaded or saved to your computer or mobile device.  It will work independent of the internet.  The plan is to develop a number of design guides for temperature maintenance, heat raise and tank calculations once we have collected any comments from you.

Although you can put the PDF on your mobile device we are yet to find a PDF app that will give all the functionality required.  Please let us know if you know of one but we are sure that it is just a matter of time before one comes on to the appropriate markets.

Please send any comments to Paul Betteridge.


We have developed this for use with Adobe Acrobat Reader and we have no knowledge as to suitability with other PDF readers.
The answers given are not yet fully validated so please do not use the answer without validating it yourself.

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Temperature Maintenance of metal pipes < 100°C

This design guide is designed to select the most cost effective heating solution according to the design data given.  The cables that the design guide can select from are limited to a Maximum withstand of 100°C.  So only temperature maintenance applications where the maximum process temperature or design temperature is less than 100°C can be calculated.  The plan would be to create another design guide for different design temperatures.

The design guide works with voltages from 208 - 277 volts and does correct the output of the heaters accordingly.

When selecting the insulation type, choose from the list and the design guide will calculate the K value for the insulation at the mean temperature.  If you require to use a different insulation then type the insulation name and enter the K value at the mean temperature in the box below and it will be used in the heat loss calculation.

There are just a few pipe size selections at the moment but you can overtype the selection.  You must enter the Pipe OD as this is required in the heat loss calculation.

Whenever the "Calculate Solution" button appears it is because the design guide needs to update the solution.  Just click the button and it will recalculate.

The design guide contains links to Heat Trace website by clicking the Heat Trace logo and also the datasheets of the products on the website by clicking the appropriate image.  These links work whether opened in a brower or opened in Acrobat on your computer providing you have an internet connection.

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