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StripFree End Seal (SF-E(Blue))

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Stripfree Termination Method

SF-E(Blue) is a self contained end seal. The end seal is made from silicone rubber to give a high temperature withstand. SF-E(Blue) end seal is applied simply by pushing on to the cable end. There is no need for adhesives, gels or heat shrink.

SF-E(Blue) is designed specifically for the Heat Trace range of self-regulating heating cables and forms part of the StrioFree termination system.  There are 2 end seals and each seal is specific to a range of cables. See table below.

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Heating Cables applicable to SF-E(Blue)

  • Freezstop Micro 
  • Freezstop Lite 
  • Freezstop Low Voltage FLV
    (FLV-CT, FLV-CF)
  • FailSafe + FS+
    (FS+CS, FS+CF, FS+A)
  • G-Trace  GTe
  • Snowmelt  SM



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Approvals and Certification
SF-E 19ATEX3391U
Trace Heating Cable Systems 08ATEX3096X
SF-E CML 19.0134U
EU DoC StripFree End Seal TK
Product and Application Datasheets
FSLe Datasheet
G-Trace Datasheet
FLVw Datasheet
SnoMelt Datasheet

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