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Freeze Protection of Pipework

In cold climates, water, chemical, or other process pipework often needs to be heat traced to prevent freezing

Process Temperature Maintenance

Heating and maintaining process pipework, storage tanks and vessels at the correct temperature

Above Ground Long Pipelines (up to 5 km)

In the context of electric heat tracing design, a long pipeline is usually any pipe from 500 metres to many kilometres in length

Long Buried Pipelines (up to 5 km)

The heat tracing of long buried pipelines is an application in which Heat Trace Limited have unique experience

Long Distance Pipelines (up to 50 km)

Very long pipelines, up to 50km in length can be heated from a minumum number of supply points using Skin Trace heating systems

Tanks and Vessels

Heat tracing is applied to tanks and vessels to prevent freezing, or to ensure products are stored at the correct temperature.

Internal Pipe Tracing

Intertrace is used to internally heat pipes where external tracing is impractical. Such situations may include

Instrument Pipes

Instrument and sample lines need to be maintained at optimum temperatures to ensure correct data analysis

Control and Monitoring

It is true today that with the right control, a heater can be made to do virtually anything required of it. Heat Trace can provide simple ON/OFF control, or state of the art micro-processor control and monitoring systems, linked to plant SCADA and DCS systems

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